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Bottle Garden JAR Series | DIY kit | closed ecosystem | glass | 28x17cm

Bottle Garden JAR Series | DIY kit | closed ecosystem | glass | 28x17cm

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plant pack

Bring nature indoors - Discover our bottle garden of the JAR series

Our bottle garden is the perfect solution for everyone who longs for a little piece of nature within their own four walls. With our high quality wire frame glass you have the opportunity to grow your own plants and watch them develop.

The 5 liter wire swing glass has a height of 28 cm and a diameter of 17 cm, which offers enough space for your plants. The opening of the jar has a diameter of 9 cm and allows for easy planting and maintenance.

Our step-by-step guide with 10 illustrated and explained steps makes it easy for beginners to create and maintain the bottle garden. The 16-page FAQ brochure contains many tips and explanations to answer any questions you may have.

We use lava gravel for drainage to ensure optimal soil aeration and drainage. Activated carbon granules are used to prevent mold growth inside the glass.

With our bottle garden you can create your own little world and enjoy it anew every day. A real eye-catcher in every room!

What do you get delivered?

Glass 5 liter wire swing glass

  • Height: 28cm
  • Diameter: 17cm
  • Diameter opening: 9 cm

With this industrially manufactured glass, there may be white grinding marks on the outer glass wall due to the manufacturing process.

material set

  • Bag A: Lava gravel for drainage
  • Bag B: activated carbon granules against mold growth
  • Bag C: Plant substrate specially developed by us and mixed together in the right amount and dosage
  • decoration stone

mini plants

  • Organically grown mini plants
  • Height: approx. 20 cm
  • Pot diameter: 6 cm


  • Step-by-step instructions
  • 10 illustrated and explained steps
  • FAQ brochure with 16 pages
  • Lots of useful hints

Note: The bottle garden must be in a bright place with a room temperature that is as constant as possible and without direct sunlight. Plants are living things and vary in height, shape and appearance.


Design your own small ecosystem, according to your ideas. Let your creativity take over your mind and body.


Pets cannot bare the plants.


As a closed biotope, it hardly needs to be watered. The plants no longer dry out because the moisture is retained under the glass bell.

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pure nature

mini plants

Discover our large selection of mini plants from the grower and design your own bottle garden.

high-quality materials

Lava gravel as drainage

Our specially developed plant substrate is optimally tailored to the needs of your plants and ensures healthy growth and a magnificent appearance.

with love for detail

Instructions & FAQs

With our illustrated and detailed instructions, you are guaranteed to be on the right page - order now and design your own green paradise.

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  • DIY bottle garden

    Our do-it-yourself bottle gardens are the perfect way to create a green oasis in your home - and without taking up much space.

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    We are happy to assist you with any questions or problems. Do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to your messages.

Natural decoration - a green oasis for your home

Are you longing for a place of rest and relaxation in your home? Why not create a green oasis? With our high-quality artificial plant murals, moss murals and bottle gardens, you can easily create a green oasis in your living area.

Artificial plants murals:

  • Realistic depiction of plants like monstera, ficus or ivy
  • High quality print on waterproof material
  • Easy attachment to the wall

Moss Murals:

  • Real moss for a natural look
  • Popular motifs such as forest clearing or bamboo
  • Unique flair for your apartment

Bottle Gardens:

  • Small but mighty: Gardens in the shape of a bottle
  • A great idea for little space
  • Plants like ivy, moss or ferns for a green oasis

Treat yourself to a piece of nature in your home and create a green oasis with our natural decorations. You will be amazed by the atmosphere that the green plants create in your living area. Try it!