Real Touch Plant Pictures: The Ultimate Guide

πŸŒΏπŸ–ΌοΈπŸŒ± In our guide you will learn everything you need to know about Real Touch plant pictures - from choosing the right plants to the perfect placement in your home.πŸŒΏπŸ–ΌοΈπŸŒ±

Handmade, close to nature and unique!

Plant pictures from Realtouch artificial plants

Our " Real Touch " plant pictures are made from premium class artificial plants. Not only do they look like real plants, they feel just as realistic! The handcrafted murals correspond to every detail of a real plant: a unique decorative element for your four walls. Create a green oasis!

  • Plant Pictures Guide: Benefits

    Don't have the time or inclination to take care of real plants? Then our Real Touch artificial plant pictures are just right for you! Discover the numerous advantages now and design your rooms with the most beautiful plant motifs.

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  • Plant pictures guide: care

    Discover the best tips for the care of Real Touch artificial plant pictures in our guide and receive valuable information for a lasting and healthy plant splendor in your home.

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  • Pflanzenbilder-Ratgeber: Nachhaltigkeit

    Erfahre in unserem Pflanzenbilder-Ratgeber alles ΓΌber die Nachhaltigkeit von Realtouch Pflanzenbildern und wie sie umweltfreundliche Eleganz in dein Zuhause bringen.

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The most important questions about Real Touch artificial plant pictures:

Care, Tips & Tricks

Artificial plant pictures - everything important at a glance

Quite simply: Artificial plant care made easy
We have summarized all the tips for caring for artificial flowers and artificial plants for you:

β€’ Remove dirt and dust from artificial plants regularly.
β€’ Clean large, high quality artificial plants in the shower or under air pressure.
β€’ Use a lint-free cloth for smaller artificial plants.
β€’ Anti-static care products ensure longer shine and no dusting.
β€’ With UV protection, your artificial plants will keep their bright colors.
β€’ Maintain artificial plants 4-5 times a year outdoors and 3-4 times a year indoors.
β€’ Terrariums and aquarium plants must also be disinfected.

With these tips, your artificial plants will remain as beautiful as the first day!

  • Robust processing in the best quality

    All pictures, walls and wreaths are made by hand in a factory in Germany by our partner Nelliflower. We guarantee 100% quality and lovingly designed craftsmanship .

  • No maintenance or watering

    At first glance, our textile plants can hardly be distinguished from natural ones. They are faithfully reproduced and excellently processed. In addition, you do not need any care or maintenance. They just need to be cleaned of dust from time to time.

  • Deceptively real-looking Realtouch artificial plants

    A trend in the field of decoration - In contrast to real plants, you always have the look you want with Real Touch plants, they are easy to care for and look deceptively real .

Get the green flair!

From our region

The wood for the rustic frames of our Plantframes consists of real untreated spruce wood from the regional joinery we trust.

It is then assembled and treated with brown or gray stain .

Our plant pictures are a modern, creative way of wall design and let every room shine with their positive energy.

Each plant picture is 100% handmade.

No care or watering is necessary and ours are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Create breathtaking accents and transform your home or your workplace into a green oasis .

The perfect addition to your new plant wall: