Packaging for each type of glass - so your DIY set will be shipped safely

📦🔒 Protect your bottle gardens now when shipping! With our innovative packaging system for every type of glass

To ensure that your Flaschengarten DIY sets arrive undamaged, we use a super cool packaging system. We have come up with packaging specially tailored to our products, which optimally protects the glass. This is the best way to prevent broken glass during shipping.

The best part is our packaging with two cardboard elements. In between, a really elastic membrane is stretched, which is super adaptable. This allows us to use the packaging system for many different glass shapes.

This keeps your bottle garden safe and undamaged on the way to you. cool right? ;)

We have a cool solution to keep your glass in place during transport: we simply place it between our two packaging elements. This creates tension that keeps your glass securely in place and prevents it from slipping during shipping.

The set of materials for your bottle garden is also safely stowed away - in an extra box at the bottom of the packaging. In this way, we make optimal use of the volume of the shipping carton to prevent the goods from slipping.

And don't worry - our plants are also well packed. They are either packed in small bags directly in the jar or - depending on the size of the jar - in an extra box. This keeps the moisture during transport and the plants are fresh at your home.

For a greener future - together for sustainability

Sustainability is important to us

For us, sustainability is everything! That is why we also make sure that our packaging is environmentally friendly and can be recycled. The shipping carton is made from recycled paper and the plastic bags for plants and supplies are made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE). This means the PE material is infinitely recyclable, contains no plasticizers and is 100% carbon and hydrogen.

Every small step counts - for a sustainable world

Dispose of packaging correctly - this is how it works

And the best thing is: No toxic gases or waste water are produced during the production of PE!

You can also do your part by disposing of the packaging properly. The recycling paper belongs in the blue paper bin and the plastic bags in the yellow recycling bin. Together we can protect the environment - order now and be a part of our mission!