Bottle Garden Guide: Benefits

🌿🌱🌺 Discover the benefits of bottle gardens with our guide! From space-saving decoration to low maintenance, learn everything about the advantages of these green oases 🌿🌱🌺

  • A calming element

    Bottle gardens are also a great calming element that brings peace and tranquility to your home. You can relax as you look at your plants and watch them grow and change.

  • Easy to maintain

    Another benefit of bottle gardens is that they are very low maintenance. They require little water and rarely need fertilizing. Therefore, they are perfect for people who don't have the time or experience to take care of plants.

  • creativity

    Bottle gardens also give you a chance to be creative. You can use different kinds of plants, stones, colors and other decorative items to create your own bottle garden.

Closed circuit for air and water

The most important question that probably everyone asks when they start out is: Why would you want to confine plants in a glass container? The answer is simple: a bottle garden creates its own air and water cycle. If the glass jar is sealed and the right amount of moisture is present, you only need to add a little water about 3-4 times a year. That is why a bottle garden is also called a small biotope. The plants that are used supply themselves with oxygen and water, so to speak. This makes a bottle garden particularly suitable for people who don't have a green thumb and often overwater their plants or let them dry out.

An eye-catcher in every environment

A bottle garden is definitely an absolute eye-catcher. Whether in your home, in the office, in a hotel lounge, in holiday apartments or hotel rooms - wherever it is light and warm. It is a great green decoration with style. Especially the many great glass containers, which are particularly diverse in size and shape, become an absolute eye-catcher.

Do-it-yourself project

In 2022, we at Northernlights-Berlin decided to share our hobby with you and to bring more bottle gardens into people's rooms. Whether you're a plant lover or a watering nut, a bottle garden is a wonderful way to make your life greener. Our guide should help you to answer your questions about bottle gardens and always offer you new inspiration for your do-it-yourself bottle garden project. At Northernlights-Berlin you not only get the right products, but also competent advice and support in the implementation of your ideas.