The ultimate bottle garden guide: tips and tricks

πŸŒ±πŸƒπŸŒΏ Check out our guide for helpful tips and tricks to create your own little garden in a bottle.πŸŒ±πŸƒπŸŒΏ Become a bottle gardening pro with our guide!

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Do It Yourself Bottle Garden Kits

With our DIY bottle garden sets you can create your own green oasis and bring nature into your home. With our practical DIY bottle garden set you can plant your own little biosphere. For home
or as a gift a successful decoration idea!

Discover the world of bottle gardens! On this page you will find general information about this fascinating hobby. But that's not all - we have prepared a collection of detailed guides for our customers. Find out everything about the right choice of plants, the right soil substrate and other exciting topics. Become a bottle garden pro and create your own green world in a glass jar!

  • Bottle Garden Guide: Benefits

    Here you will find an overview of all the advantages that a bottle garden offers you. Take a look and let us convince you.

    Benefits of bottle gardens 
  • Bottle Garden Guide: Plants

    In our comprehensive guide you will find tips and recommendations for choosing the right plants for your bottle garden

    Plants for the bottle garden 
  • Bottle garden guide: care

    In this guide, we'll go over the most important aspects of bottle garden care - light, moisture and cleaning - and give you useful tips and tricks.

    Caring for bottle gardens 

Do you have questions about your bottle garden? Here is our FAQ:

  • tropical plants

    However, tropical plants are best suited. Incidentally, they feel particularly comfortable in warm, humid climates and are generally quite robust. Succulents are less suited to wet biomes as they are used to dry climates and their soil should not always be wet.

  • Hardly any maintenance or watering

    Once set up, our DIY bottle gardens form their own little ecosystem and therefore require next to no maintenance . Of course, you should prune the plants inside the container from time to time so that the view is not restricted. However, further care measures are not required.

  • Top quality lovingly handcrafted

    A trend in the decoration sector - in contrast to simple plants, with our bottle gardens you have an easy-care alternative and definitely an unusual natural decoration that will definitely become the new highlight in your four walls .

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Bottle Garden: Small ecosystem in a glass

What exactly is a hermetosphere?

The term derives from the Latin "hermetice" (closed) and the Greek "sphaira" (cover). The hermetosphere is thus a self-contained system that takes the form of a small glass garden and requires little water . Placed in a warm, bright spot in your home, you can enjoy your Hermetosphere for years . With the right materials and plants, this special form of bottle garden is very easy to care for, even for beginners.

In a bottle garden there is a perfect ecosystem in which plants thrive for years without any further action.