DIY bottle garden instructions

🌿🌱 Congratulations on the purchase of your DIY bottle garden !
Here you will find a step-by-step plan for assembling your terrarium. 🌿🌱 If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

Step 1

lava gravel

Carefully fill in the lava gravel from bag A as drainage and distribute evenly.

Tip: Hold the glass jar at an angle and let the gravel slide down the side wall to avoid the risk of breakage.

step 2

activated charcoal

Distribute the activated carbon from bag B evenly over the lava gravel to prevent mold.

step 3

plant substrate

Carefully fill in the plant substrate from bag C.

Tip: Please use an underlay, for example old newspaper, to prevent soiling.

step 4


Compact the plant substrate carefully and evenly by hand and then use your fingers to dig 3 small plant holes (for 2 small plants and moss) on the edge of the glass, which are deep down to the lava gravel.

Tip: A previously created sketch of the arrangement helps.

step 5

remove plant

Take the plants out of the flower pot by pushing them to the side and standing upside down and place them in the holes. Press carefully but firmly on all sides.

Tip: Place the tallest plant last, as centrally as possible, so that there is plenty of space for your hands in the glass.

step 6

dig hole

After the smaller plant and the moss have been planted on the outer walls, a hole is dug in the middle and the tallest plant is placed there. Then compact the plant substrate at the edge of the glass with your fingers downwards.

step 7

decorative stone

Carefully place the decorative stone on an open space and press lightly.

Tip: For an even distribution in the glass, the mini plant, moss and decorative stone should form a triangle around the middle plant.

step 8


With a soft cloth, carefully clean the inside and outside of the glass to remove dirt and dirt. The leaves of the plants can be cleaned of dirt, for example, with a small brush. If necessary, particularly high shoots of the central plant can be cut off with scissors.

step 9


Use a measuring cup to measure out 100 ml of low-calcium water (ideally rainwater) and spread it carefully and evenly in the glass. Then close the jar and place it in a bright but not sunny place (ideally a north or east window).

step 10

Your own bottle garden

After about 2 to 3 days, the moisture is evenly distributed in the soil. Then open the jar again for about 24 hours until the surface moisture has evaporated. Repeat this process until the glass no longer fogs up during the day. A light mist in the morning is normal and shows that the biotope is working well.

We hope that we could help you with our instructions in setting up your bottle garden.

If you have any further questions, please have a look at our FAQ or send us a message.

Have fun with your bottle garden.