Collection: Air plant decoration - Exotic flair for your home

Immerse your home in an exotic flair with our fascinating air plant decoration - the perfect choice for a unique and tropical atmosphere.

  • Natural Elegance

    Filigree leaves for natural and elegant charm.

  • Air purifying properties

    Improving air quality by removing pollutants.

  • Versatile placement

    Flexibility to decorate on different surfaces.

  • Long-lasting freshness

    Maintains fresh appearance for longer compared to cut flowers.

FAQs about our tillandsia

what are tillandsia


Air-purifying plants that exude an awe-inspiring beauty, Tillandsias are perfect for decorating your home. With their diverse species, low-maintenance characteristics and the ability to place them without a traditional pot, tillandsias offer a unique way to bring a natural and elegant touch to any space. In this article you will learn more about the fascinating world of tillandsia and how you can make the most of it in your decoration.

Create contrasts

The variety of tillandsia

Tillandsias offer an impressive variety of species that vary in shape, color and size. From the small Tillandsia ionantha to the imposing Tillandsia xerographica, there is a suitable plant for every taste and decoration style. The diverse types allow you to combine different tillandsias and create exciting contrasts in your decoration.

handmade decoration

Low-maintenance beauty

One of the great advantages of tillandsias is their low-maintenance nature. These air-purifying plants don't need a traditional growing medium or pot. Instead, they can be placed in creative containers such as glass jars, vases, or placed on top of wood and cork surfaces. Care is limited to regular ventilation, bright indirect light, and occasional spraying or water immersion, depending on the species and environment. Tillandsias are hardy plants that respond well to different light conditions and humidity levels.