Collection: Artificial plants wall decoration - Realtouch decoration that looks deceptively real

Bring your walls to life with our stunning range of artificial plant wall decor

  • Natural beauty

    Create an authentic and soothing atmosphere in any room.

  • Maintenance free

    Unlike real plants, our Real Touch plant images do not require any maintenance.

  • Quality that lasts

    Crafted from quality materials known for their durability.

  • Allergy friendly

    Ideal for people with allergies or sensitive reactions to natural plants.

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FAQ's to our plant pictures


Real touch plant images

The name "Real Touch plants - plants made of fine silicone " already conveys the special properties of the product without touching it. Think of touching a Real Touch plant as touching latex or silicone. Real Touch plant pictures are a modern invention and a trend in the field of decoration. In contrast to real plants, you always have the look you want with Real Touch plants, they are easy to care for and look deceptively real .

The material for the production of the Real Touch flowers is determined according to the respective plant species.

Artificial plants or moss pictures ? Naturally!

We think that a little bit of nature is also good for the working world: a piece of the outside increases well-being in the office, the diverse colors and shapes are a source of inspiration and selected plants in the right place ensure a harmonious atmosphere - whether at the bar or in the relaxation area or at home. Let yourself be enchanted by the unique, handcrafted items.


Art Plant Pictures – The low-maintenance alternative

Would you like some variety, but the effort associated with plants is too much for you? Or do you just not have a green thumb? No problem , we have the solution: At first glance, our textile plants can hardly be distinguished from natural ones. They are faithfully reproduced and excellently processed. In addition, you do not need any care or maintenance , because artificial plants thrive without a gardener, they are never thirsty and neither lose flowers nor leaves.

A modern, creative way of wall design

Our plant walls are a modern, creative way of wall design and let every room shine with their positive energy. Each plant picture is 100% handmade. They are also suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can therefore be placed on the terrace or balcony without any problems.

Create stunning accents and bring some green into your life.

best quality

Buy plant pictures

If you want to give your living room, bedroom or office a green look in no time at all, a plant picture on the wall is just the thing for you! Don't worry, you don't need to have a green thumb - a plant picture with artificial plants is the perfect solution.

With us you will find plant pictures with different types of plants such as boxwood or jasmine. Or how about a mix of white flowers? You have the free choice!

Our plant pictures are super easy to attach to the wall and they even have UV protection. This means that the leaves will still shine beautifully even after many years.

So go ahead, what are you waiting for? Bring fresh green into your home or office with one of our ingenious plant pictures. Order now and transform your rooms in no time!