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Discover the magical world of bottle gardens and create your own miniature world of nature with our unique closed ecosystems in the glass.

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FAQs about our bottle gardens

Here you will find useful tips for your bottle garden

What is a bottle garden?

Bottle gardens are small glass gardens with real plants. A properly landscaped bottle garden
forms its own ecosystem and does not have to be maintained after closing.
A particular variant of this is the hermetosphere , which among other things
is sealed airtight and is particularly low-maintenance. Unique
Decoration for house and terrace.

How does a
bottle garden? Practical tips on the subject

The interplay of sunlight (outside) and water (inside) ensures that in the glass
Evolve nutrients and gases that keep the ecosystem alive.

The bottle garden offers a humid tropical climate and can therefore accommodate particularly beautiful, exotic plants. For example, mosses, ferns and various subtropical plants are suitable
and tropical species such as calanths or other orchids.

However, the water cycle plays an important role in the design of your bottle garden. The
Plants evaporate water through their leaves, and water flows through them
Glass walls back into the soil where it is taken up by the roots. At the
Creating a small garden is choosing the right plants and
best possible location is important.

Create a bottle garden: Nothing going on without moss

Bottle Garden Moss

However, the most important thing in your ecosystem is moss. It stores water in bottle gardens and releases it again during the day. The water balance in the glass is additionally regulated by the evaporation of water in the moss.

Peat moss, java moss and star moss are best suited for this. Peat moss absorbs a lot of moisture and creates an optimal climate . Java moss is also popular in aquaculture because it grows both on and under water. Sternmoos is actually not a moss at all, but a clove plant . It is popular in bottle gardens for its beautiful white flowers between June and August, and it is also very hardy and easy to care for.

native plants

The local flora is also interesting. For example, you can create your own bottle garden based on our local forest . In the woods you can even find ivy and ferns e.

It is important that you also take some soil from the area with you. This means you are likely to carry some seeds and critters with you. As a result, your biome will begin to live immediately.

Tip: If you accidentally carry grass seeds, they can overgrow your bottle garden and you won't be able to see for a short time.

tropical plants

However, tropical plants are best suited. Incidentally, they feel particularly comfortable in warm, humid climates and are generally quite robust. Succulents are less suited to wet biomes as they are used to dry climates and their soil should not always be wet.

Bromeliads make excellent bottle garden plants , as they are used to tropical and subtropical regions. Mini orchids are also popular. There are a surprising number of species that bloom beautifully and are a real eye-catcher! Because of the tropical climate, they do well in bottle gardens .

Also popular here are the white-flowered Aerangis citrata , Aerangis rhodostricta and the pink-flowered Ascocentrum pusillum. Of course, ferns are also popular and great plants for your bottle garden . Species that remain small are mainly Aglamorpha heraclae mini, Aplamorphameyeniana mini, Asplenumdaucifolium and Davallia fejeensis.

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If you want to add a touch of nature to your living room, bedroom or office, then a bottle garden is the perfect choice! With a bottle garden, you can create an intriguing miniature landscape that will draw attention.

In our range you will find a variety of bottle gardens that are designed with different types of plants. Whether you choose a lush moss landscape, a minimalist cactus garden or a combination of different plants is entirely up to you!

Not only are the bottle gardens aesthetically pleasing, but they are also extremely easy to care for. They are sealed in special glass containers, creating a closed ecosystem. This means that you hardly have to worry about watering and maintenance.

Bring fresh greenery into your spaces with one of our stunning bottle gardens. Order now and turn your home or office into a little green oasis!

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