How do I decorate my apartment? 10 decoration tips

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Welcome to an exciting adventure in home decoration! Would you like to transform your rooms into a harmonious and aesthetic home? We have 10 invaluable tips for you to make your home shine with our natural decorations such as plant pictures, moss pictures and bottle gardens.

1. Color matching with our plant images

Do you want to create a balance of colors in your room? Our vibrant plant images capture the beauty of nature and let your rooms bloom. Be inspired by the colors and choose accessories that harmoniously match the colors of our plant pictures.

2. Define a theme with our moss pictures

Give your decoration a unique identity with our moss pictures. Whether you're looking for a natural vibe or a modern touch, our moss paintings tell a story of elegance and aesthetics. Create a connection between our moss images and the shapes of your chosen accessories.

3. Group formation with bottle gardens

Bring nature into your home by arranging our bottle gardens in groups. These miniature ecosystems offer a fascinating way to showcase the beauty of nature in your space. Create surprising harmony by arranging our bottle gardens together with other decorative elements.

4. Odd number with our product range

A tried and tested decoration tip says that an odd number of objects in a group looks more harmonious. Be inspired by our product range and choose an odd number of plant pictures, moss pictures and bottle gardens. This will create a natural and appealing aesthetic in your rooms.

5. Less is more: clear elegance

Leave some space between our natural decorations to highlight their natural beauty. Our plant pictures, moss pictures and bottle gardens are characterized by their clear elegance. This open space allows each component of the decoration to be admired and enjoyed.

6. Playing with different levels: Dimensional diversity

Create depth and texture by placing our products on different levels. Combine the floating grace of our plant images, the three-dimensional structure of our moss images and the fascinating compactness of our bottle gardens to create a dynamic and balanced image.

7. It's all in the difference: Contrasting combinations

Our product range offers a rich variety of shapes and textures. Use the effect of contrast by combining different elements with each other. The different characteristics of our plant pictures, moss pictures and bottle gardens will highlight each other and create an exciting overall picture.

8. The right light for our products

Put our natural decorations in the best light by cleverly using the lighting. Our plant paintings come to life with soft lighting, our moss paintings reveal their fascinating texture under targeted lighting and our bottle gardens become magical miniature worlds when illuminated by the right lamps.

9. Care of our products for lasting shine

Our natural decorations require little care to maintain their shine. Simply dust them off every now and then to ensure that our plant pictures, moss pictures and bottle gardens shine in their full glory.

10. Renew regularly with our product range

Always enjoy fresh inspiration by regularly rearranging and renewing our natural decorations. The vibrant colors of our plant pictures, the natural texture of our moss pictures and the magical scenes of our bottle gardens will liven up your apartment again and again.

With our range of products you will effortlessly learn how to decorate your home with sophistication. From color coordination to group formation, our natural decorations will add a touch of elegance and beauty to your spaces.

In your stylish home,

Your Northernlights Berlin team

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