Perfect ecosystem: properly care for your eternal terrarium

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If you want to experience the magic of an eternal terrarium, you've come to the right place. We not only want to show you how this fascinating mini ecosystem works, but also give you all the important care instructions so that you can enjoy it optimally.

The starting signal: the first pouring

Your bottle garden will come to life once you water it with care. It is crucial to pay attention to the water you use. Low-lime water, such as rainwater, is ideal. Make sure to moisten the soil well, but without causing waterlogging. If too much water accidentally ends up in the glass, don't worry. Simply leave the lid open for a few days to allow excess moisture to escape.

The Circle of Magic: Sealed airtight

Once you have finished watering, seal the bottle garden airtight. This is where the fascinating interaction begins that makes this small living space so unique. The plants absorb water through their roots and release it again through their leaves. This water condenses on the glass walls and returns to the earth - an eternal cycle of water, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

The ideal location and the right care

In order for your eternal terrarium to shine in all its glory, the right location is crucial. Do not place it in direct sunlight to avoid overheating. A bright location with indirect light is ideal. A valuable tip from experts is to occasionally open the terrarium briefly to prevent mold from forming. Also remember to remove diseased or rotting plant parts. When it comes to watering, focus on the plants’ needs. With an airtight jar, monthly watering or even less frequent watering is often sufficient. Fertilizer is not needed to control the growth of plants.

Step by step to your own bottle garden

  1. Start with a clean pot to ensure plant health.
  2. Place stones in the pot as a first layer to allow for good water drainage.
  3. Fill in soil that will serve as both a substrate and for the plants' roots.
  4. Place the moss along the edges of the soil to make room for the plants in the center.
  5. Place the plants in the prepared holes and water as needed.
  6. Close the jar to complete the mini ecosystem.

With these steps you can not only create a wonderful piece of nature in your home, but also fully enjoy the joy and magic of the eternal terrarium.

Have fun creating and maintaining your own little ecosystem!

Your Northernlights Berlin team

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