Bottle garden - Which plants are suitable?

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A bottle garden, also known as a terrarium or closed ecosystem, is a fascinating way to create a miniature world of nature in a jar. But which plants are best suited to this unique microclimate? Here are some tips and advice for optimally selecting and caring for your bottle garden plants.

Slow growing plants for lasting beauty

Bottle gardens are small, self-contained worlds. Therefore, it is advisable to choose slow-growing plants that can develop well under glass in a warm and humid climate. Plants such as small ferns, moss ferns, small leaf ivy, dwarf spiderworts, small leaf spiderworts and miniature orchids are ideal candidates. Their leisurely growth rate ensures that your miniature landscape retains its beauty for a long time.

Choosing the right plant species

It is important to select plants that not only fit into the limited space of the bottle garden, but also can cope with the surrounding conditions. Small ground covers like Fittonia are perfect for limited space, while slow-growing species can maintain the overall balance of the ecosystem. Keep in mind that some plants can be pruned every 1-2 years to control their growth.

Popular plants for bottle gardens include fittonia, begonias, small ferns, mosses and even larger plants that grow slowly in their natural environment, such as coffee plants or Ficus microcarpa 'Ginseng'. However, it is important to note that in the limited space of a bottle garden, choosing the right plants and careful care are crucial.

Planting and caring for plants in the bottle garden

There are different approaches to planting depending on whether you are using cuttings or whole plants with roots. Cuttings are a great option for small bottle gardens because they root and grow quickly. Whole plants should be halved before planting to promote root growth and ensure the soil layer does not become too thick.

Moss is an essential part of your bottle garden. It maintains moisture and provides the necessary humidity. Place the moss on the ground or on stones, cutting from below if necessary to get the optimal shape.

Tropical plants that are used to high humidity in particular thrive in a bottle garden.

Overall, the bottle garden offers a magical opportunity to create a vibrant and lasting miniature world. Choose wisely, nurture carefully, and watch your own little ecosystems thrive and fascinate.

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