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Individual works of art

A bottle garden is a small garden in a glass, with real plants. Properly created, the bottle garden forms its own ecosystem, which once closed does not have to be maintained. A special variant of this is the hermetosphere, which is sealed airtight, among other things, and is particularly low-maintenance. A unique decoration for home & patio.

Handmade, with attention to detail

DIY Bottle Garden Kits - In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Fill in materials

Fill your garden jar with the materials you received from us.

step 2

use plants

Place the mini houseplants in the terrarium.

step 3

Clean & water

Clean the terrarium glass, water and you're done! Now you can place the bottle garden in a bright but not sunny place and enjoy it for a long time.

  • space saving

    One of the biggest advantages of bottle gardens is that they are very space efficient. Since the bottles can be arranged vertically, they take up very little space and are therefore also suitable for small rooms or rooms with little window area.

  • Consistent

    Bottle gardens are also more sustainable than traditional houseplants as they produce less plastic waste. Because the bottles are mostly made from recycled plastic or glass, they help reduce the amount of waste.

  • Easy to maintain

    Bottle gardens are also easier to care for than traditional houseplants, as they require less maintenance. The bottles keep the soil moist and the plants are less likely to dry out or become over- or under-watered.

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Treat yourself to something special: moss pictures made from reindeer moss

No green thumb? No problem!

We have something very special for you: individually designed moss pictures

A moss picture from us is a real one-off and fits perfectly into any room. Whether as a highlight in the living room or as an eye-catcher in the office - our moss pictures are versatile and give every room that certain something.

They not only serve as eye-catchers, but are also sustainable and environmentally friendly. We only use natural reindeer moss that is harvested and processed by hand.

We are also happy to produce individual moss pictures according to your wishes and ideas.

Custom made moss
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